US Scholars Visited Daulat Ram College2 min read

US Scholars Visited Daulat Ram College2 min read


DU Times and Commercia, the Commerce Society of Daulat Ram College organized an International Seminar on “Facing the changing times” on January 12, 2016. The seminar was organized to deliberate about the increasing inclination of humans towards Facebook/Whatsapp and whether these platforms are absurdly ruining the way, under a façade, we interact and perceive things.

The seminar witnessed professors coming from various reputed foreign universities. With Professor Jung Han from Yale University; Ex-Professor Yang Liu from Harvard University; Xinlai Bai from Princeton University; Emeritus Professor Keh-Shin Lii from University of California, Riverside; and Associate Professor Binghao Luo from Louisiana State University; the seminar saw participation of students in the largest numbers. The auditorium was brimming with young enthusiastic minds from across various DU colleges. So, if you just missed out on your chance of being a part of this seminar, hold on your grip to the nearest table, because here we will take you through the happenings of the event.

The seminar embarked upon at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. There were three sessions in total, the first two sessions being of half an hour each and the last session of one hour. More than 250 students from all over the University attended the seminar. The first session began with a paper presentation by Kanupriya Dhingra a postgrad student of DU, followed by Avani Parekh famously known as the LoveDoctor. Kanupriya gave us the insight into the lost art of love letter writing and Avani elaborated upon the emotional aspect of the digitalization with regard to our love and other relations. This was followed by Professor Xinlai Bai who took us back into history talking about the origins of communication, and Professor Jung Han carried the talks forward with a very informative presentation about the evolution of light. The words of wisdom continued to flow out of the professors till 4 pm. The students were made to realize in a very intelligent manner that, now-a-days, how the people are, unconsciously, living in the captivity of the virtual world. And how things that we consider to be under privacy are not private at all. The issue of digitalization of emotions and feelings was the gist of the 3-hour long intellectual discussion. The seminar got wrapped up after the vote of thanks delivered by the anchors.

The whole event was conducted in a well-ordered way, as it should have been. The volunteers of DU Times and Daulat Ram College could be seen working in an efficient way. The registration desk team, hospitality team and the vigilance team were pulling their own weight, and coordinating, while not losing their aplomb at any instance.

international seminar by du times

By Bhavya Mittal

for DU Times