5 ways you should never ask a girl out, ever!2 min read

5 ways you should never ask a girl out, ever!2 min read


With Valentine’s Day knocking at the doors and cupid sitting on your shoulder, we know you want someone to be your valentine too.

But, before you gear up and ask that girl out, you need to keep a few things in mind and save yourself from taking any wrong step.

So here are the 5 things which you should never ever do while talking to a girl:

  1. All out of the blue

This is a complete NO. You cannot, all of a sudden ask random people out for a date, especially when you don’t know her at all.

Try to talk a little and make the connection before you ask her out so that there are fewer possibilities of rejection. The last thing you’d like to do is make yourself sound like a creep and her uncomfortable. *mujhse fraaandship karlo* – don’t EVER say this.

  1. No pickup lines. Please!

Pick up lines are hyped a lot and can still end up as a complete failure. So, drop that clichéd line you are thinking of. Keep it simple and original!

And we are against the clichéd lines, if you need something fresh which can really work, well we have a separate article for that as well 🙂

  1. Never on social media

Asking out on social media gives a very casual impression. If you really want to show that you are interested in her then ask her face to face, even if you are nervous.

Also, how do you know she isn’t getting a thousand messages on Facebook anyway? Look more sincere and ask her out personally.

  1. Out of Desperation

This is what disappoints the girls the most. You being desperate is a huge turn off to her. She’s seen a lot of desperate guys already. You should look calm, confident and cool, not dying to go out with her.

Also, don’t make it look like you have never ever dated a girl. While it might work in some cases, the chances are that it will get backfired since she will know that you’re purely desperate!

  1. Through her friends

Bollywood movies have been deceitful all the way long. Girls don’t like to be reached out through their friends, they want to be approached by the guy himself.

And and and, while you’re thinking that friends might be a good choice, they can manipulate if they don’t like you! Say goodbye to your chances if her bff doesn’t approve :p

I hope now you have a clear idea about how/when not to ask her out. If you are willing to be on the safer side, then you must avoid these ways..

Let all your single men know about this RED zone and let us know if we have missed something in the comments section below.

Edits by Rajni