10 practices to score 10 more marks in exams by using time...

10 practices to score 10 more marks in exams by using time management7 min read


With April ending, it’s time to gear up for upcoming semester exams,  as it is always nice to high higher grades by your side. So get up and write your own fate, before the blame game starts.

“bhai ek din aur mil jaata na, to m phod deta!”

That never-ending requirement of just one more day, just one more hour to revise, and just one more minute to write has been the case with most of us.

Time flies, yes it does, but wait, who’s the pilot. Everyone has a same number of hours in a day, so you are the one who has to make the most of it. No one else can do it for you.

With exams around the corner, this is not the right time to kill anymore, so here are 10-time management cum study tips that can help you score 10 more marks in exams with same efforts but in a slightly different way.

  1. Break things into pieces

Just try to recall, how you acquired your writing skills, all at one go   or did you learn the alphabets first, then joining them together to form meaningful words, then arranging words into sentences, and lastly writing multiple sentences leading to paragraphs.

There’s the trick we have all forgotten, we humans learn things faster when taught to us in pieces. The same holds true now as well, why do we look at humongous syllabus all at once, why not break it into parts, and set smaller targets, try to nail one thing at a time. Things broken into parts would not stress you out.

  1. Imagine, imagine, and imagine/Relate, Relate and Relate

Now once you have smaller tasks to achieve, that should be your world. Go deep into it, as deep as you can. Try relating that to your life. There are things which are hard to remember but once you are able to find something interesting in them you will be able to absorb it for a longer period.

To make things clear, even non science students might be able to recall “Pandit badri Prasad, har har bole” for simple sin, cos and tan rules we studied years ago in school, Surprising, but how? It’s because you were able to relate to it, you never tried to cram it, but took it as another dialogue and see you did it.

  1. 60-30-10 rule

Now all this doesn’t mean that you are going to spend all your time on relating concepts to your life, managing time is equally important. Plan your time, so that you do not overdo things and are able to do justice to all your subjects.

So there is this 60-30-10 rule which is like, if you have 10 hours to study a concept, spend 6 hours to do it for first time, then 3 hours on weekends to revise it for first time, and another hour may be ten days later to recall what you studied. You should exhaust all your time in one go, trying to be perfect at it one sitting, rather have time gaps, this will help to increase your brain’s recalling power.

Also if you do not revise it properly, you will not be able to recall it, and if you aren’t able to recall it, there is no point in doing it.

  1. 5 minutes rule

While you are doing all this, your mind will be wondering about all the beauties of life. Suddenly the wall in front of you would appear more mesmerising than your studies.  A strict control cannot be kept on your thoughts, but you can surely limit your temptations up to a limit.
Whenever your mind wonders, ask yourself, does that thing matter to your after 5 years, if not do not spend more than 5 minutes to it. As simple as that, if that does not make any difference to your life after 5 years, why to spend more than 5 minutes to it. This way you will be able screen out unimportant tasks and focus on what really matters.

  1. Put your best hours on biggest opportunities
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One mistake that people tend to make is they start their day with facebook and end it with the textbook. What do you think holds more importance? Or are they even equally important for your career? And by the time they start with textbooks, they are already exhausted.

You need to identify your best hours and devote it to the most important task you have got to do. Plan your time accordingly, do not start with unimportant things to get done with them quickly, you will never be able to get done with them.

  1. Wake up, get out of your comfort zone
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“If you wish to achieve something you do not have, you need to do something you have never done”

That’s it basically, you need to keep pushing your boundaries, get that extra work done out of you. Everyone can do it, till you have done it now, but only a few have the courage to proceed further. Life is all about doing that extra part, people who are able to do it are the ones who outshine.

  1. Be happy

Always be happy with what you have, with what you have got. Everything happens for a reason, Never be afraid to take risks, to do the undone till date.

What’s the worst that can happen to you, you will fail, embarrass yourself, that’s it? Still you will learn, you will figure out new ways that lead to failure, which you will avoid in future for sure.

Research shows that a happy person learns faster and remembers longer, so keep smiling while you learn. Be happy that you are growing, at whatever pace it can be, but you going higher and higher than ever before.


  1. Avoid multi-tasking

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Recall how you used to learn alphabets, A for Apple, B for Ball and all, you used to repeat it after instructor in the loudest tone possible, making an apple with your hands, and your eyes at the board. Ever wondered how were you able to learn it so quickly and for a longer time?
Simply because all your senses were focussed on that particular apple and nothing else, you were least about your gadgets, your love life, nothing was more important to you than that A for Apple.
The same you need to do now, just focus all your senses on one particular thing, keep all your gadgets aside, no distractions, nothing except you and your work. See how this does wonder.

  1. Act Smart, Act Confident

With all the above hacks it is important for you to identify what ‘you’ really need to do, and how are planning to go about it.

No two people succeed with the same steps, you have to find your own way. You need to act wisely, see how you can maximise your performance by anyways you feel fair.

Think before you act. Always!

  1. Intelligence may fail, hard work never fails
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Always have faith in your efforts, your deeds will show results, one day or the other.

‘Karam karta chal, fal ki chinta naa kar’, Do not worry about future, give your best shot, future will be beautiful than ever before. One day all your late nights and early mornings will pay off.

Intelligence may fail, but hard work never fails!!

A personal note to finish on, this is what kept me going

Always remember, whenever you are wasting your time, cribbing about your life, there is someone out there in this world, who is working hard at that particular point of time, and the day you will compete with that person, you will definitely loose, you will LOOSE”

 And even the idea of losing makes me afraid. Back to work!