DRC students launch Wear Helmet campaign, all classes called off!2 min read

DRC students launch Wear Helmet campaign, all classes called off!2 min read

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We reported an incident 2 days ago when a part of the ceiling of room no 105 in Daulat Ram College (DU) fell down and caused injuries to 4 students. Looks like students were really angry at that and they protested against it in their own unique way, launching the HELMET CAMPAIGN.


Wear Helmet Campaign is a campaign started by the students of Daulat Ram College (DU) to depict the unsafe condition of the college.

This incident created a chaos in the college. Immediately all students and teachers agreed to boycott the classes as they were unsafe in the alleged secured campus. Media houses arrived on the spot and the incident received a lot of media attention.

helmet campaign in DRC college

Students and teachers immediately started protesting against the governing authorities which was named the “Wear Helmet Campaign”. Their demands are a safe building, reduction in current fee structure, more washrooms, safe drinking water, etc. The protest took place earlier as well, but after this incident, it gained momentum. Students gathered in front of Admin Block to protest. The principal of DRC fully supported the protest. She claims that because of excessive involvement of Governing Body in the Management of the college, she is not able to undertake any such activity which could improve the condition of college building.

After a lot of efforts, some students managed to meet the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University on 31st August at 8:45 p.m. and assured them that he will sort out with the principal and find an alternative for the classes. He sent an engineer in the campus on the morning of 1st September who confirmed that the building of DRC would not sustain for long. Now the students are waiting for the Chairperson of the college to meet them and then only any solution could be worked out. Till then, classes are completely called-off.

We just hope that the management wakes up from their disastrous sleep of ignorance which has raised questions on the actual usage of the “increased fee for development in infrastructure”! It is high time that such activities stop and students are given their rights and facilities.

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A change MUST come.. soon.

On Ground coverage by Monjuri and Lagan for Campus Drift.