What to expect from a BJMC degree (year wise)?3 min read

What to expect from a BJMC degree (year wise)?3 min read

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You must have heard the Indian diaspora lauding the foreign education and describing the education system there as “practical”. Students there get to exploit very aspect of their subject and which is why, many of us run behind universities
like Harvard and Cambridge, as we don’t want to get restricted to the conventional teaching styles of India. And, let’s accept that experience indeed helps one stand out in the market.

If you’re a person of humble background and limited finances, then going abroad seems like a weird dream. However, you can explore the practical aspect of education in an Indian institution too and for that, you just need to know about the “right” course.

Doing a course in Journalism gives you great practical exposure; so, why not make the most of it?

Below are some ways to make the most of your three-year Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC):

1. The first year is meant for exploring the options

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The foremost thing, a student learns in first-year is that Journalism is way more than the Indian pre-conceived notion of ‘Aaj ki taaza Khabar’.

From Reporting, film-making to Public Relations (PR) and Advertising, the course offers you plethora of choices. In the first year, the focus is more on subjects related to Journalism and photography; wherein, the students are given outdoor projects including field surveys and photoshoots. (And of course, photo shoots give rise to the hidden photographer inside you).

The course not only helps you explore your surroundings, it encourages you to find your hidden shutterbug during the process too. It is rare for a course to help its students find themselves, and BJMC does the same.

2. In the second year do as many internships as you can!

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This year should be solely dedicated to improving your skills and
internships are the best way to do that! The second-year stresses on Mass Communication and film-making, with subjects like PR and advertising coming into place; thus, it is the right time to get some monitoring by the experts of various industries.

Writing is an integral part of both Journalism and Mass Communication and it should be emphasized upon. Big shots in the media industry always welcome content writing interns.

Just be sure about the organization you’re working in. These internships are not meant to provide you pocket money but exposure and skills!

3. The third year is for fixating your goal and seeking for jobs in it!

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In the third and the final year of your course, you must fixate your goal and seek for a job in it. Having done internships in various fields must have cleared your mind on the kind of career you want to pursue.

Being socially oriented is extremely important. Be open to meeting new people and hearing what they have to say. As the name itself has ‘communication’, it becomes important to communicate and develop good relations.

The course teaches you a lot in terms of media and prepares to be an ace journalist. Now, it is on you in your third year to juggle between your academics and align your career path simultaneously.

This course in three years has taught a plethora of things to me.
Constructive journalism is the need of the hour and if you think that you’re capable of handling it, go for it without a second thought. Media is one of the fastest growing industries in India and it will definitely give you an edge over the others. The competition in the field is high and so are the opportunities waiting for you.

You can make the most of this course if you are aware of its path and requirements. Tag someone who needs to know these facts before joining the course and help them in ways which count.

Stay tuned for insights in all the other courses!