Why Fans Are Zooping? This Will Make You Go Crazy2 min read

Why Fans Are Zooping? This Will Make You Go Crazy2 min read



Wikipedia describes fandom as “a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest”. True to its definition, fandom is an emotion. An emotion across the globe binding like- minded people. And contrary to the mainstream belief, it is not confined to only pop stars or celebrities, but encompasses sports, politics, literature and everything that can awe and inspire a person.

Though fandom always existed, social media has now brightened the spotlight on it. And to bring such people closer, Fanzoop- a new social media platform has come up where “zoopers” i.e. fans zoop everything from their biggest fan moments to paintings of their idols. It is a community where fans from every corner of the world come together to celebrate their favorite personalities from different fields.

Shahrukh Khan recently in his speech said that “as long as the ideal that ypou have or the person that you look upto man or woman, leads you on to good paths and makes you do good things…. Being part of a culture of being fans. It’s not about being a fanatic, it’s not just about following someone blindly, but if you can take good things away from thwe people you love and like, you admire or you look upto,……” which is something to be excited about and Fanzoop is all of it!!!


A true fan will always be devoted to his/ her idol, as fandom is not just about collecting photos and autographs but also about faith. If you are a fan of someone, fictional or real then trying out this portal will definitely turn out something to be happy about. Being in the presence of devoted followers will take along the journey filled with highs and lows of your favorite eminent personality. You never know which other public figure you might start shipping as Fanzoop has a constantly updating database of celebrities and idols from all genres.

All in all Fanzoop is an initiative like never before that helps you show reverence towards someone who you’ve loved all these years and remain updated with the rest of fan base. Here is the link to a world that is bound to get you addicted – http://www.fanzoop.com/. Create an account, search for your idol and start zooping now!