Why FGali?1 min read

Why FGali?1 min read


Hello guys

Portugal made it to the finals, congrats to all the Portugal fans. Are you ready with the jersey, SHOES and all?

Well, how many shoes did you buy from Fgali?

Do mention in the comment section, would like to see if anyone was able to get past me. 😀

I bought 4 cool and trendy handcrafted shoes from Fgali this past month.

Well, when I came across the idea of handcrafted shoes through Fgali, I also had a look for other such companies and guess what?


Yes, there were few of them who provided such shoes but price! Decent delivery charges! Stock! And the foremost thing- Quality! Were all missing from the shoe websites.

It felt like someone was trying to loot our hard fought money saved after running errands for grandpa, mom, dad, money from friend’s pocket, the imaginary coaching fees money from parents and what not.

So this is why Fgali is one of the best options for handcrafted shoes in INDIA and especially for us, the students:


Well few of the merits of Fgali are:
Cool and trendy designs for the swaggy DUites and IPians

      Pricing is as good as Kamla market shops!

Interface of website is smooth as Delhi metro

       Amazing offers just like Kejriwal government

        Last but not the least! All this while sitting in your AC and everything is at your thumbtip!
So, guys hope that you all purchased shoes from Fgali and hopefully, itr remains your number 1 stop when you think of shoes.

Until next time….

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