Here’s why you should not give a flying fuck about the Board...

Here’s why you should not give a flying fuck about the Board Exams!3 min read


So you’re a 12thie and boards are all over your head. Everyone is on your head all the time to tell you the importance of your boards and the RESULT.

But, since we like to talk sensible, here are some reasons (simple yet convincing) about why you should not give a flying Fuck to the board results (since they don’t matter):

1. You are bigger than a number, just accept that.

The board exam result is a very miniscule measure of a person’s worth and capability. An individual’s personality is much larger than their education and their education is much more than their formal results.

Mark Twain had said: “I never let my schooling interfere with my education”. Along the lines of this thought, one should not let one’s board marks be the mirror in which to evaluate one’s personality. We are much bigger than a number, which is what board results ultimately boil down to.

Just for a moment think this way, consider any famous personality you like and try to judge them according to their board results. I’m not saying all of them failed during their boards but many of them did. But look at them now. They’re successful just because they didn’t give a fuck back then and kept on going for a reason.

Find “your” reason.

2. No relevance of results in a skill-driven economy.

With widespread opportunity to make it big, if one is really talented, the past wisdom of needing to be outstanding throughout doesn’t hold much ground in today’s economy. If you are good at what you do, opportunities abound to help you prove your worth and enter the big league.

While a good board result does provide some advantage in terms of understanding an individual’s consistency, it certainly is not a make or break thing.

For instance, my brother who is 17 and studying in 11th Science generated revenue of 200$ from Youtube within 2 weeks. He found his way; you’ll find yours, folks!

  1. Poor results are a great learning opportunity.

Life seldom fulfills all your aspirations and expectations. It’s a long war in which one must learn to take setbacks in their stride. A teenage student who performs below expectations in the board exams gets the opportunity to appreciate this harsh truth early on in life.

Also, a disappointing result pushes many to take their college education more seriously and make greater efforts to succeed.

Unlike many other learning opportunities, this doesn’t come with very significant long-term costs. So from an optimist’s perspective, the poor results can be a great opportunity to grow one’s persona by earning valuable life lessons – of standing up after falling, of working hard and being persistent.

  1. EVEN JEE AND DU has removed boards as a criterion for admission.

This is one of the main reasons for you to move on from the myth of boards being a decisive factor in your career since Delhi university has introduced entrances for courses and JEE will not consider you board result as any part of admission process (your percentage will not help you in any way).

The two of most important educational institutions have taken this decision after a series of discussions and thoughts and they have agreed upon it due to the demerits of judging people on their board results which are pretty vague and can be bought (remember the Bihar topper’s case last year?)

Tell your parents these reasons and show them the reality NOW! Tag your younger siblings to help them give boards in a pretty CHILL mode.

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