Write anything, anytime – a close conversation with team “Writm”4 min read

Write anything, anytime – a close conversation with team “Writm”4 min read


We all have our creative endeavours, don’t we? A lot of us have numerous struggles in our lives but more often than not, it is in this moment of life that we find our defining moments and purposes.

Something similar happened to a TCS engineer when he started a platform completely dedicated to young and aspiring writers of India which not only led to their work being known to all but helped in creating a family of writers – Writm.

We got in touch with this man and satisfied our curiosity bugs by asking him some questions. Read on to know the inspiring story and their aim!


  1. What exactly does “Writm” stand for? Which areas of life does it cover?

Write Anything, Anytime!

Writm basically covers the writing and education industry. Anyone can come and write at any moment of time. All write-ups will be published under his/her name.

  1. Who are the people behind this company? A brief introduction of all the founders/directors.

Sarthak Agarwal: Btech (CSE) from SRM University. Was working with TCS.

Rajan Ramachandran: CEO & Founder of Optimuz Solutions: a 7 year old Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai. Has a Master Degree in Computer Applications from Anna University, Chennai. Areas of expertise include Digital Marketing, Product Development and Branding.

Utkarsh Agarwal : 3rd year, Production and Industrial Engineering, IIT Delhi

Presently, General Secretary of National Service Scheme. Believes in ideation, hardwork, speaking less and working more.

  1. Which was the defining moment that made you tick and start “Writm”?

India is a country with vast population which is young and creative. During one of our previous gigs, we noticed that there are 1000s of young students who are excellent in writing, but didn’t have a platform to write. This motivated us to create Writm: a Social Media platform for writers.

  1. What has “Writm” achieved till now?

Writm has got over 1300 authors who have written 1500+ articles in our platform. We have received over 50000 unique visits till date.

  1. Is there a lot of competition in the field it covers? If yes, then how is “Writm” a better option for people to go to?

We have not seen a platform which does the same thing as writm does in this scale in India. There are a few competitors; writm overcomes competition because we are loved by the writers. One feature which sets us apart from the rest is, anyone can write anything. There are no topic constraints here. People actually love writing nanotales on our platform.

We have collaborated with more than 8+ colleges in Delhi to promote ourselves and the creative crowd simultaneously.

  1. Every business has its stories. Which one incident would be the most remarkable moment of your life when it comes to “Writm”?

I (Sarthak) had a break up and spent 2 months in a closed house and was eager to write a blog, so after a lot of struggle, I started a blog (TheMostPopular.in) and brought Rajan into it. But later we were Approached by a lot of young writers who wanted to write in our blog for free. They just wanted to showcase their writing skills to our audience and were hoping for a platform. It was their thirst for writing which led to the creation of Writm.

  1. What were the difficulties you faced while starting up?

1- Self-motivation as writm is a non-revenue based site. You will not find a single adv on the site as we know writers don’t love ads.

2-Since writm is open source and anyone can write anything, we faced a lot of spam content and also duplicate content. We had to spend countless hours in reviewing the content being written for plagiarism and moderate them.

  1. How does “writm” stay operational?

Writm doesn’t require big operating cost. Around 95% of the content created in Writm are by our users and we don’t pay them anything. We can operate at a marginal cost. We do need funding for taking this to next level.

Right now we are stationed at a garage in Noida.

  1. Where does “Writm” see itself in the next 3 years?

We are targeting a user-base of around 3 Lakhs with over 700+ submissions each day.

  1. If there is one message which can be an entrepreneurship mantra for people, what could it be according to you?

“Don’t call it a dream, Call it a plan!”

So, aren’t these guys just amazing? In this world of money and capitalisation, they are working with 0 profit for the upcoming literary talent in India.

Let us know if you know some more inspiring people like them 🙂