launches #lightbulbmoment campaign for this women’s day.2 min read launches #lightbulbmoment campaign for this women’s day.2 min read


“Why should the man be a financial plan? ” is India’s marketing marketplace. A platform designed for marketers & solution partners to create great marketing work is celebrating this women’s day with the campaign #lightbulbmoment. A light-bulb moment is that juncture in life when a sudden realization dawns upon us, a revelation that unveils and alters past baggage and the way forward seems to be one full of purpose

What’s your #lightbulbmoment?

They started the campaign #lightbulbmoment for this International Women’s day from 22nd February, 2015. We asked women to share with us their lightbulbmoment. The intent of the campaign was to share the #lightbulbmoment by nominating 8 more women who could also share their special moments and spread the joy of being a woman and celebrating Women’s Day together!

#lightbulbmoment campaign helped women to reflect upon their life and reminisce that moment. Some of them sent congratulatory messages to the team about this initiative, while others poured their heart and mind out and shared their very personal moments of revelation! The campaign saw a diverse set of women, from students to entrepreneurs to homemakers to corporate high fliers sharing their #lightbulbmoment.

Most of the student’s Light-bulb moment is when they decide to move from their hometown to pursue their studies or change their career choice in their field of education for a better future. Cherishing motherhood was also an enlightening moment for few women. Mothers becoming the role models for their children irrespective of the child’s gender, indeed came across as an enlightening moment for many. “Reality hits you hard when you try to pursue a passion as a career. Reality is struggling financially, and getting used to the idea that you may never earn as much as your peers would in a corporate job”- Tanya Saxena, Bharatnatyam Dancer.