You missed out on a lot if you were not there at...

You missed out on a lot if you were not there at the Young India Challenge3 min read


We’ve all heard that in order to be successful we need to just find our passion and success automatically follows. But that, in fact is not actually the world works. Finding passion depends on the individual, it can be discovered at an age of 5 or not even till you die. And even after you find your passion you need as much support and training as an amateur would need.

So 2 questions remain, have you found your passion? And if you have, what have you done about it?

Don’t know? Don’t worry, we know a team whose passion is to bring together all the enlightened minds of our country and inspire them to do what they love so they can inspire the whole nation to follow its passion. Sounds like a revolution right? Well, that indeed is correct.

So the team is called “HUMAN CIRCLE”, and it consists of students, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, mentors and people from every field who are driving the #DOWHATYOULOVE movement throughout the nation. And to sort the best from the best they present the “Young India challenge.”

The “Young India challenge” is a quest to not only find your passion but also to learn about various life skills that are needed to follow it and give you the right direction. There have been 6 young India challenges so far and here’s the report of the 6th Young India Challenge, 2016 that took place in Delhi at the Shri Ram College of Commerce on 17th and 18th September.


The first day started with casual interactions and icebreaker games for all the delegates to get acquainted with each other. Then the introductory speech was given by Kamal Seth, co-founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)- Human circle.


Delegates were asked questions about life in general, like what they wished to do And how would they plan of doing the same? After which they were told about “the do what you love movement” and the history of Young India challenge.

After that the delegates attended the “Hack your brain” session presented by Wioleta Burdzy Seth, (co-founder, Human circle) who has a psychology background and taught the delegates various brain hacks like meditation, yoga and life skills like gratitude, self love and compassion.

After lunch, the delegates attended 2 speaker sessions by Sankalp Chhabra (Project Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Partnerships, Snapdeal) and Sonia Joanna Szymczak (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Business Etiquette Redefined) who shared their real life experiences.

The Challenge

The delegates were then presented with a challenge with the theme “Global sustainable development by United Nations” and were divided into 24 teams.


On day 2 all the teams gathered in the SRCC lawns and were presented with an interesting task to build a tower with a magazine, cutter and tape. And no member in any team could speak to each other. And the highest tower wins.


After this challenge the delegates were asked to gather in the auditorium to introduce them with a diverse panel of experts including Onkar K. Khullar, Tushar Jain, Ashish Birgi, Neha Bhatnagar, Pierre Mario, Deepak Goel and many more, out of which every team could only select 5 to be their mentors.


After which half of the teams stayed in the auditorium and the rest were sent to seminar hall till the final presentations at 4:30 pm.

The award function for the YIC, 2016 started at 6:30 P.M. which included experience sharing and an exposureto a plethora of internship opportunities to the present delegates. Following this, the jury selected the 2 best teams which were team 11 and team 24.