Your exam life saver photocopy shops were about to be banned!2 min...

Your exam life saver photocopy shops were about to be banned!2 min read


The Indian Justice system delivered a landmark verdict impacting the copyright laws in India.

The Delhi high court on Friday issued a statement against the suit by three international publishing giants and in favor of the sale of photocopied books and pages in the most famous Delhi University which is flocked by thousands of students from across the nations.

Justice Rajiv Sharma raised the ban on the photocopier shop from issuing copies of chapters from course books of the three international publishers to students.


November 2012 saw the court banning the note worthy Rameshwari Photocopy Service located near the Delhi School for Economics in north campus on a petition filed by the publishers including Cambridge University Press, Taylor and Francis and University Press.

The global publishing houses were against the photocopy kiosk as they were violating the copyright laws and was causing a huge financial losses as students preferred copies rather that the costly textbooks. The Delhi University supported the photocopiers as they had a strong statement saying that the use of copies of textbooks by a student was a “reasonable educational need” and should not be treated as infringement.

The DU students had also conducted a rally protesting against the cause citing the books were too expensive. The Copyright Act, 1957 exempts on the “fair use” of work including educational propose from the purview of infringement. Fair use of the photocopies can be justified by stating the fact that it was used by students for preparation of their course and not for any other commercial means.


Intellectual property experts hailed the verdict, saying the court upheld for the social good over the private property. “Copyright laws are meant to balance public and private interests but in recent years, the public interest has been eroded due to lobbying. The HC has restored that balance,” said Shamnad Basheer, intellectual property law expert.

Analysts have pointed out saying that this verdict has placed the nation on global center stage of intellectual property rights sparked 3 years ago when the Supreme Court dismissed a patent to pharma major Novartis.

The story of a humble DU photocopy machine taking on the center stage and putting the global giant downhill ensures our precious pocket money (for books lol) being saved again!

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